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Why Organization Plus?

Customized Solutions that Work Organization Plus was founded 27 years ago in October 1983 by Nancy Black to help busy people get and stay organized. Nancy Black blazed a trail for the organizing industry by designing organizational systems that work. She is adept at evaluating individuals and designing customized solutions that support how individuals get their work done.

Product Expertise

Over the years, Nancy has developed a deep understanding of the various products and systems on the market and assists her clients by recommending products best suited to their needs. Her business includes offering clients to shop on their behalf or to give the client the option to purchase recommended products via links on the Organization Plus website.


Nancy Black specializes in de-cluttering work spaces and living spaces to give her clients a sense of accomplishment and an on-going organizational system that keeps them organized and satisfied. She is highly efficient and focused on identifying organizational obstacles and implementing solutions. She is known to many of her clients as a miracle worker with on the spot results!

Clients range from attorneys to, investment managers and a treasurer of a rapidly growing company. From busy professionals to multi-tasking mothers, the end result of working with Organization Plus is the same: reduced stress, improved productivity, increased billability, enhanced sense of control, pride and satisfaction.

Our clients say it best:

“Feels great to be able to work in an organized office.” VP, International Investment Management Firm

“You helped us develop a dynamic plan of action to address our weaknesses.” Quality Administrator, Real Estate Development Company

“You have helped me identify problems that are too close for me to see. The company has grown 600% in 7 years without falling apart. I attribute a large part of our success to the work we have done with you.” Corporate Treasurer

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