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Today I’m excited to share with my clients, as well as with my newsletter readers, a new three (3) step process that I have developed to help people plan their time more efficiently.

I call it the “A.R.T. of Planning Your Time.”

Just as a good artist carefully selects colors from a pallet, people need to carefully select the tasks from their “To Do” list that are their top priorities. Those tasks must consistently align with their goals and objectives. Once these items have been prioritized, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, they must be scheduled into your calendar.

The ART of Planning Your Time is a three (3) step process:

AWARENESS: being aware of where your time goes
REDEFINE: your goals and priorities
TASKS: prioritized and scheduled on your calendar

ART has many benefits for those who practice it. Imagine less stress, increased productivity, and of course the most important benefit, more time for the things YOU want to do.

ART requires that you clearly understand your goals and objectives as well as priorities. It also requires that you adjust or “tweak” your plan when unexpected new priorities pop-up, and we all know they do.

Again, similar to an artist selecting colors from their paint pallet, you’ll have to carefully make choices that line up with your desired outcome. It is also important that the process of ART becomes internalized and a natural part of your day.

Developing and naming this process was inspired by the work that I have been doing with a successful entrepreneur who has started and manages four very successful business enterprises.

While working together he said;

“You take time to help me think through a system and tweaking it until I am comfortable using it. Now I have time to walk the beach before work and leave the office before 8:30 or 9:00pm. I am more productive and feel less stress and anxiety.”

WOW, isn’t that a wonderful outcome? More time for YOU and the things you want to do while simultaneously being more effective at work. If you ask me that’s a win-win!

If you find yourself challenged managing your schedule and managing time, set-up an ART consultation today. Call me at (978) 922-6136 for more information.