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One of the biggest changes I’ve watched is how we all work. Many have replaced a traditional office with a home office, or have a home office, in addition to their outside office, where they work one or two days a week.

If you are struggling with managing your home office, and many do so you are not alone, I can help.

Call me at (978) 922-6136 for a no cost “Discovery Session” to discuss your current situation.

Here are some ideas to consider related to setting up and successfully using a home office.1. List tasks that you will do in your office. It’s helpful to know specifically what you want to accomplish. Take a good look at what is in the room, what do you really need, what is just unnecessarily taking up space? Remove all items that are NOT related to your business.

2. Determine where you will store supplies. Minimize over-buying of office supplies by keeping them organized in one area.

3. Decide what furniture, equipment, and technology you need. A very comfortable yet functional chair is important. There are several types to choose from. Test them out at your local Staples office supply store. The right desk is important and of course ample space for a laptop/PC, monitor and printer is a must-have.

4. Be sure that the electrical work and lighting are adequate. Too often I see home offices with inadequate power and lighting. Avoid bright lights that may cause excessive glare. Warmer lighting and the use of a desk lamp often create a more user-friendly office space!

5. Organize your desk and work area so that the things you use most often are easily accessible.

6. Create areas for related tasks, supplies or operations. For example, a technology area, an office supply area, a paper processing/filing and collating area.

7. Consider a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your office door!

Whether you have a lot of space for your home office or a limited amount of space, getting it organized and properly configured will allow you to be more productive and enjoy working in your home office!

Best wishes,

Nancy Black
If you, or your staff, are having challenges with disorganization and clutter, it might be time to consider a Professional Organizer. I can help. Call me at (978) 922-6136.