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What is your USP for 2011?

Organization can be your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Many CEO’s, executives, business owners, and managers have one trait in common, they are all highly organized. Some have executive function problems that affect their ability to plan, organize, strategize, and pay attention to and remember details. The good news is that they can be taught strategies to compensate. I have worked with many people to create organizing systems suited to their individual needs.

It is important for people in leadership positions to set goals and identify top priorities. Next they need to identify which tasks require their skill and expertise and which could be delegated to others. Assigning tasks to others builds team spirit and expedites completing the work.

Have you ever heard someone say “It is easier to do it myself?” It is worth the time and patience to clearly define the task that you are delegating and state deadlines when you expect the work to be completed. Be sure to follow this up. Delegation frees up your time to work on other pending and essential tasks and will relieve some of the burden and stress in your work day.

In an effort to downsize, many businesses cut administrative staff positions and highly paid executives waste their time performing clerical tasks, such as filing, opening their mail, scanning documents, and reviewing all emails.

Examples of tasks that executives and small business owners have delegated with my encouragement are:

The CEO of a major hospital created different email addresses so that some of the email that was coming to him could be directed to his executive assistant, such as invitation to events.

An attorney, who is a principal in a major law firm, now has his assistant scan articles, resulting in less paper clutter and more expedient retrieval of documents.

An architect hired a bookkeeping service, resulting in improved cash flow.

The benefits of organization are, you will be more effective, organized, in control, and pro active, resulting in increased productivity, and greater profitability.

Want to be more organized, but do not know where to start?

Everyone’s situation and office is different. Some people have problems with clutter control, some with filing, some with work space, and some planning their time. Together we will solve these problems to accommodate your specific needs.

Contact me today to learn about our “Jump Start” and “Three Hour Transformation” Programs at 978-922-6136.

Make 2011 the year that organization is your USP.

Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year!