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I DO NOT Miss All of Those Papers!!!

Many years ago I helped Cathy Draper organize her math studio. At that time she had a wall lined with vertical file cabinets. They contained files and many of the props she used working as a math consultant. Over the years, whenever I saw her she would say “I can still hear you saying each 4 drawer vertical file (or two drawer lateral) holds 18,000 pieces of paper.”

Client Reimbursed for $15,000.00 in Expenses

When I was meeting with a client, he told me that he needed to submit his travel expenses or he would miss the deadline to be reimbursed for them. It clearly was the top priority for us to focus on that day. I helped him organize the piles of receipts, by category,...

Real Results: Received from Litigation Attorney

Today I received  the following message from one of my clients,  who is litigation attorney, at  a major law firm. “I appreciate all that you have done. It certainly helps my mental attitude to have a clean office and have a better handle on handling incoming...