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Home Decluttered

Betsy’s goal was to have less clutter in her home because she was too embarrassed to invite friends over. We worked together to de-clutter some areas and created an “action plan” for her to continue on her own. She followed the plan and now enjoys having friends visit and coming home to an uncluttered apartment.

Space for Personal Time

Mark wanted space to work on his model airplanes. We created an area in the basement with a surface for him to work on, organized his supplies in containers on shelves, and even had space for additional kits that he hadn’t opened yet. He saves time because he can leave models that are a work in progress out and saves money because he doesn’t buy duplicates of supplies that he already owns

An Expectant Mom

Kim called me a few weeks before her 3rd child was born. Her goal was to have an organized kitchen, so that when her mother came to help her, when the baby was born, she could find things easily in the kitchen. I organized the cabinets that food was stored in, and the kitchen drawers. Fortunately, I had some organizing products with me so that I could get the job done that day because the baby was born before our next appointment was scheduled.  See my Pinterest Kitchen board for ideas on products to organize a kitchen.

Getting Organized Can Save You Money

Mary was feeling guilty and stressed because of the late fees and interest she was incurring on overdue bills. A friend suggested that she call me. The first thing that we did was create a “mail processing system” so that she would have a specific place to put bills and other mail that she needed to take action on. Now that she is using that system and has put most of her monthly bills on auto pay she hasn’t had to pay any late fees or interest charges.

More Time

Heidi’s goal was to have more time. That was unrealistic because there are only 24 hours in a day and that won’t change.  The 1st step was to determine where her time went and identify time wasters. Next she needed to schedule time for those activities on a calendar. By seeing her time commitments on a calendar, she was excited when she realized she could schedule time to exercise or meet a friend for lunch. Having an organized home saves time because you don’t have to loose time looking for things.

The names of my client’s have been changed to protect their privacy.