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The people who shout “Hooray!”, have organizing systems in place and look forward to having free time for activities of their choice.

The majority of people who think “hassle” are concerned about how they can manage all their work and family responsibilities.

Studies prove that people who are organized are healthier and happier.

Do your homework and prepare ahead of time so back to school can be easy!

Back to School Shopping Tips

Have school supply list ready
Walgreen’s  has specific supply lists for each grade
The Container Store  has suggested dorm room supply lists
Many other stores have them also
Check out sales in your Sunday paper
Buy early for better selection and faster check out time

Clothes Shopping

Clear out clothes & shoes that don’t fit
Do it with kids
Buy uniforms, if required
Watch for sales
Don’t wait until the last minute

Arranging for Before / After School Childcare

Know your options
Have a “Plan B”
Sign up early

Avoid “Morning Madness” to Get to School and Work

Have A Daily Routine List

Evening To-Do’s

Make lunches / put lunch money in book bag
Have lunch treats or snack packs handy
Put out clothes for next day
Collect supplies needed for next
Put things to take to school in book bag
Put “Take With” items in designated area
Sign any papers that need to go to school
Put non-perishable breakfast foods out
Set clock radios and alarms
Have bedtime routines
Set boundaries

Morning To-Do’s

Get yourself ready before waking kids
Have teenagers wake themselves up
Keep breakfast simple
Pack perishable foods in back pack
Do not allow morning TV
Have specific time to leave
Make sure hidden or spare key is in place
Check “Take With” area
Lock door
Turn alarm on, if applicable

Need a jumpstart or help to get organized for back to school? Consider an onsite organizing consultation or a telephone consultation. Call me at (978) 922-6136 today.