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One of the keys to success is taking time to re-charge your batteries regularly. People who work 24/7, either in their own business, or working for someone else, are at risk for burnout. Feeling overwhelmed is one of the first signals that your batteries need to be recharged.

When your cell phone batteries are low, you get poor reception, if any. When your internal batteries are low, it becomes more difficult to focus and prioritize what you should be working on. This leads to decreased productivity, inability to reach your goals, and stress related illnesses.

One of my colleagues suffered from bleeding ulcers before he decided he needed to live differently.  He left his job and created his own business and has lived happily ever after.

Many people think they cannot afford to take the time to recharge their batteries, but in reality you must do it and do it regularly.

Let me share a few items from an article I found online called “Work Happy Now!”

It all comes down to creating habits that will support your energy level and avoiding habits that drain your energy level (i.e. heavy meals at lunch).

You have to learn how to develop habits that fit into your day.

Is your body giving you cues that you might be ignoring? An aching neck, swollen knees or feet, headaches, or maybe an inability to get to sleep – these are all signals.

Remember, the human body is NOT meant to sit for 8 hours at a time. You have to move around and keep your blood flowing.

Make it a point to “check in” and notice how you feel throughout the day.

Is your back getting tight?  Maybe you are feeling anxious?

What are you doing to balance out these feelings? Again, these are signs your body is giving you telling you it needs attention!

Recharge Tips

You need to make time during the day to recharge your body without having to go for a quick fix. Drinking coffee at 4:00 in the afternoon, so you can make it until 5:00, is not always the healthiest choice.

It’s better to have a routine during the day that helps you sustain your energy without too many ups and downs.

Try this: every time you are done with a project or task take 60 seconds to “check in” with yourself. Notice where your energy is trapped.

My energy usually gets caught in my neck and lower back. Take 60 seconds to do a back twist, neck stretches, or whatever else you need to do in order to slow down and release that tension.

Some people I work with use Yoga stretches and poses to refresh their bodies and relax their minds.

By using this transition time to slow down, and check in with your body, you are more likely to enjoy your work, be more productive, work faster, and make better decisions.

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My favorite thing to do to recharge my batteries is to go to the beach, relax and read a book.  Today, one of my priorities was to write this newsletter. I’ve also finished the top three priorities on my dailyTo Do list. Now, it’s time to head to the beach!

What do you do to recharge your batteries?

Being disorganized and overwhelmed with clutter can be energy draining. As you might expect, I see this quite frequently. One of my clients suffered from migraine headaches until we worked together tocreate organizing systems compatible with her learning style, I helped her analyze where her time was going and how she could plan it more efficiently. I’m happy to report her migrane headaches are gone and I’m looking forward to seeing her… AT THE BEACH!

If you are feeling overwhelmed maybe it’s time for some professional help. Call me and ask me about my “Summer Sizzler.” It’s only available for a couple more weeks!

You can reach me at (978) 922-6136 or fill out this online form and I’ll follow-up with you promptly.