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Nancy Black is Now Affiliated with Life Elephant

Top  10 Reasons to Join Life Elephant
Remembering and Securing Your Life’s Key Information

10. While scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, you lose a contact lens.  Log on to your account to quickly find your optometrist’s contact information or download a copy of your prescription.

9. You’ve just been in an accident and are taken by ambulance to the ER.  A family member who has access to your account logs on and downloads a copy of your medical directive.

8. You’re always late with your mother’s birthday card.  Set up e-mail reminders on your account to remind you of important dates – you pick the advance time for the notification.

7. While away on vacation, you begin to wonder if you stopped your newspaper delivery or if you have any packages on your porch.  Log on to your account to quickly find contact info for your neighbors so they can check for you.

6. A natural disaster has caused damage to your home and ruined important documents.  Your account has digital copies of your insurance policies, tax returns, and other papers.

5. You’ve always paid your own bills, but you’re starting to become forgetful.  Log on to your account to help remember your billing cycles or give access to a family member who can offer assistance.

4.  A death has occurred in the family.  Your loved one had an account and named you as an authorized user.  You can log in to retrieve information about location of assets to help with the settlement process.

3.There are too many passwords to remember in today’s digital world.  Why not just remember 1?  Then log on to your account to view the passwords to everything else.

2. Life happens – isn’t it a good idea to be better prepared?

1. Being part of a herd is simply a fun thing to say!

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