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Are you the COO of your home?


It doesn’t matter if you live alone, have a roommate, a spouse, or kids, you can be the Chief Operating Officer of your household.

Like any executive manager, as the COO you must have a vision and manage your team.

The vision I’m speaking about here is getting your home organized and clutter free. An organized and clutter-free home has many benefits, including reducing stress, anxiety, and having more time for #1 – YOU!

If your home is currently disorganized and full of clutter, get your “team” together and create a plan to work collaboratively to get organized and get rid of the clutter.

Here is a checklist:

Get your “team” together – have a team meeting with an agenda. You may even want to distribute notes.

Announce that everyone needs to work together, “as a team,” to achieve the desired goal (organized, clean, clutter-free home).

Together, make an itemized list of what needs to be done. Think of it as a brainstorming session!

If areas of your home are currently disorganized and cluttered create an action plan and attack each area one at a time. Consider assigning different people to different areas and make it their responsibility.

Set a time-frame for completion.

Decide who will be responsible for different chores around the house – trash, recycle, pets, etc.

Even small children can be accountable for picking up after themselves and putting their toys away where they belong.

Have young kids? Implement the Morning High Five: (1) make bed, (2) get dressed, put pajamas away (not piled on the floor!), (3) eat breakfast, (4) dishes in the dishwasher or sink, (5) brush teeth. Celebrate with a “High Five!”

Agree that EVERYTHING needs to be put away in a specific place, where it belongs.

Agree that everyone will be held accountable (to the COO).

Set a time for a follow-up meeting to review your progress.

Create a reward system. When everyone does what they are supposed to do, maybe everyone goes out together for an ice-cream.

Need help? Planning your Chief Organizing Officer strategy can be overwhelming. As a Professional Organizer with 30+ years of experience working with individuals and families, I can help you.

Call me at (978) 922-6136 to discuss your current situation.

Nancy Black
Organization Plus