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It’s rare that I work with business owners or executives who have a lot of free time.

Those that do practice a variety of productivity and business growth strategies, or “HACKS” as they are often referred to these days.

Here are some of my favorites.

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1) Automate Organization of Your Incoming Email

Create folders and filters to keep non-priority communications out of your primary inbox. It may take a few minutes to properly set these up, but in the long run you will save HUNDREDS OF HOURS, especially by pushing distractive email messages into a “Review Later” folder. Do you really need to see the latest Staples email message in your Inbox?

If you have a very active email box you might want to look at SaneBox.

Another email management / productivity tool is Boomerang.

2) Eat The Frog

“Eat the frog” means do the least desirable task(s) on your things to do list first. It can be very liberating emotionally to get the things you have to do but don’t want to do FIRST.

3) Stop Multitasking

It’s a FACT that the brain can only think about ONE thing at a time. Shifting thoughts 20x every 5 minutes only creates confusion, anxiety, and poor performance. Multitasking is a myth. Pick one task and finish it completely before moving to your next prioritized task.

4) Prioritize

Speaking of prioritized tasks, everything can’t be a top priority. Highly productive people take the time to review all of their tasks and responsibilities and prioritize them Top 3 and then move on to the next 3. Some people use a paper-based list while others have gone “digital” with tools like Workflowy (

5) Minimize Interruptions
Interruptions are bad enough, right? But also consider the time it takes your brain to “regroup” and get back on task. Some studies have shown this “time required to get back on task” as high as 20 minutes! Highly productive people minimize how often they are interrupted. Keep a schedule and require that people make an appointment to meet with you – no “drop ins.” Put your phone on Do Not Disturb when you are working on important tasks and projects.

6) Get the Clutter OFF Your Desk

I’ve been consulting with business owners and executives for more than 30 years and I guarantee this: A cluttered desk (or office space) creates a cluttered mind. One of my clients was tired of always looking for things in his office. He was frustrated with the piles of files and paper on his desk. When I asked him, “what’s in that huge pile?” the answer was “I’m not sure.” Working together it only took 180 minutes to turn his piles of files into “organized bliss,” as he called it!

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Enjoy the rest of August! I hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather we are having and making some time for #1 – YOU.

Nancy Black
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