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The cost of doing business seems to continually be on the rise, and a lot of these costs are out of your control. Business fees, taxes, permits, licenses, and other regulatory fees just seem to keep piling up.

On the other side of the equation, customers are more demanding and there is more competition that often impacts your ability to simply raise prices. Being the low-cost provider is key to a company’s success and profitability.

As a Professional Organizer who works with businesses, I help my clients manage their expenses and cut down on the costs they CAN CONTROL.

While every business situation is different, generally speaking here is the formula I use.

Identify Problem Issues
Identify Problem Employees
Identify Unnecessary Costs

The businesses that hire me look at it as an investment and most see a 3x to 5x ROI, if not more!

Whether or not you decide to hire a PRO to help, here are the things to consider when managing the costs you CAN control.

Identify Problem Issues

I wish they did, but most of the problems businesses face don’t go away magically. In reality, if not addressed they tend to get worse (and more expensive). Identifying any money-draining operational issues is the first step. One thing I worked on with a business client included managing office supplies. They were spending thousands of dollars annually on office supplies they did not need (they actually already had them!). Another area to look at is how you are using your current office space. Properly managed, you might be able to reduce the costs of office space and this is almost certainly a huge reduction in long-term costs.

Identify Problem Employees

Poor employee productivity will also hurt your bottom line. It’s not the thing most business owners want to deal with, but the cost associated with not fixing employee productivity issues can be ASTRONOMICAL in the long-term. It’s often more cost-effective to work with a current employee than to replace them with someone new.

Identify Unnecessary Costs

As an objective outsider, I consult with my business clients to hear their concerns and we discuss how they can be addressed. I almost always quickly see areas that can be improved, costs that can be reduced or eliminated, and then can create solutions that FIX these issues LONG-TERM. Just because a company has “always done it this way” doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more efficient, and lower-cost way to do it going forward. Again, being the low-cost provider is key to a company’s success and profitability.

Testimonials From My Business Clients

“If you want to get organized, change habits for the best, and get real time support while doing it, then you will want to work with Nancy Black. She is an expert in her field with the ability to build relationships and have people go through an organization process with ease. Nancy balances getting results quickly along with communicating with her clients effectively.” Betsy Day, Special Projects Consulting LLC

​”I see Nancy Black as not only an organizer but a proficient solution finder. For instance, Nancy helped us hire our first book keeper. She helped with some of our employee concerns by various methods with ultimately excellent results. Growing a business from nothing to almost 100 employees and 4 locations takes help. I can’t speak highly enough about Nancy Black’s solution – based help and organization techniques. I highly recommend Nancy Black.” ​- Nancy Risley, Founder, Spa Tech Institute.

​”​One of my employees was in progressive discipline and heading toward termination because tasks kept falling through the cracks. Your 3 Hour Transformation gave our employee the organizational tools to turn her performance around. Years later we still have a happy, loyal and productive employee. The return on the money we gave you was incredible.” – Office Manager, Retirement Planner

If you struggle with clutter, need help organizing your papers, find yourself with the Terrible Too’s (too much to do, too little time), I can help. Maybe it’s time for a “Three Hour Transformation” to help you get moving in the right direction? I can get you organized and heading in the right direction in only three hours!

Take advantage of my free DISCOVERY session. We’ll talk about your current situation and how I may be able to help you.

Request yours at this link or call me at (978) 922-6136.

Best wishes,
Nancy Black
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