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Many business owners and managers are in increasingly more competitive marketplaces. When costs aren’t managed properly it directly impacts profitability.

A lot of the businesses I work with hire me as part of an overall expense management plan. A good Professional Organizer can help you cut costs associated with running your business.

Here are six things you can do to immediately cut some of your business expenses.

(1) Office Supplies

$10 here, $30 here, it can add up pretty quickly to THOUSANDS of dollars in unnecessary expenses each year. I recommend that office supplies be centralized and one person be put in charge of all office supply purchases.

“We hired Nancy Black to organize our storage areas and office supplies. We can now find supplies easily and our staff spends minimal time in the storage area organizing or looking for materials. We’ve also eliminated buying unnecessary office supplies. This has saved the Chamber both time and money.” – John Somes, Executive Director, Beverly Chamber of Commerce.

(2) Office Space

Are you using office space for storage? It can get pretty expensive very quickly and in many cases doesn’t make sense. Digitally filing paperwork is an alternative and has many benefits. Lawyers have been doing it for years. Maybe it’s time for your business to go digital? Inexpensive options with file sharing, if necessary, are available from DropBox, Amazon, or Google. In addition to cutting down on in-house storage space you’ll cut down on paper costs.

(3) Power Down

It’s not uncommon for people to leave their computers, printers, and other office equipment powered on overnight or over the weekend. Even “sleep mode” requires power and over time it adds up. Ask your team to turn off their equipment at the end of the day.

(4) Review Your Phone System & Usage

Older phone systems can be more expensive than new modern digital phone systems, sometimes referred to as voice-over-IP. Also, bundled services like phone AND Internet service can reduce monthly expenses. Talk to your current phone service provider and then compare the service and fees to others. If you currently use Verizon, compare them to Comcast, or vice-versa. Consider virtual receptionist options like e-Voice (

(5) Work From Home

Can some of your employees work from home two or three days a week, and then SHARE an office space when they are required to work in the office? This is another option that can help you cut down on the amount of office space you need to rent each month.

(6) Identify & Deal With Unproductive Employees

Unproductive or disorganized employees are what I call a “hidden cost.” Identify people in your organization who are not working effectively or working inefficiently. Get them professional help if necessary. A $20/hour employee who wastes 5 hours a week, which is not uncommon, is costing your company over $5,000/year.

If you’d be interested in learning more about how I can help your employees be more productive, more effective, and enjoy their work more, call me for a no-obligation DISCOVERY session (or use this online form and I’ll follow-up with you). You can reach me at (978) 922-6136. We can talk about your current situation and how I can help your business grow!

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Nancy Black
Organization Plus

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