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Business owners, executives, and managers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to managing a business. It can be hard at times to keep yourself and your team motivated. Motivation levels within the workplace have a direct impact on employee productivity.

Keeping yourself and your staff motivated has many benefits, with increased productivity high on the list. You get more done, and your staff does too, when everyone feels better about what they are doing, and the workplace in general. Motivated people are happier and are more likely to enjoy their work. Happier people in the workplace are healthier, and that can help you keep employee health care costs down!

Certainly I’m a bit biased, but good organizational skills and a clutter free work environment are two factors that are important when it comes to workplace motivation. Good time management also is important, and when you get more done in less time that means more time for #1 – YOU!

Remember, I’m here to be your cheerleader in 2017! I can help you and your team get organized, improve time management skills, be more productive, and be more motivated!

Here are some ideas to consider.

Avoid Micromanagement

Be careful about micromanaging your team members. People who are micromanaged quickly become disgruntled and end up being poor performers.

Lead By Example

Be positive and lead by example. Even when there are reasons to be less than positive, try putting a positive spin on things that don’t go as planned.

Say “Thank You”

Be generous with your praise. When someone on your team does a good job be sure to tell them. Say “Thank you, I appreciate your hard work and what you do for the company.” Positive reinforcement increases motivation and employee morale. It is also FREE. It doesn’t take a dime out of your business checking account!


People feel better about their work, and their workplace in general, when they know what’s going on. One of my business clients has a monthly newsletter that they distribute to everyone at the company. It recognizes top performers and has an all-around positive impact on company morale.

Deal With Unpleasant Staff

Deal with unpleasant staff quickly. Nothing demotivates other people in the workplace faster than an unpleasant or poor performing colleague.

Avoid Criticism

There is a huge difference between helping someone understand how to do a better job and criticizing their work. Most people take criticism personally. Helping people understand how to do their job better is far more motivating. It usually takes more time and effort, but think of it as a good investment!

Need help at your company? I can help you and your staff be more organized, work more effectively with each other, and increase productivity and motivation.

An Office Manager I worked with told me:

“One of my employees was in progressive discipline and heading toward termination because tasks kept falling through the cracks. Your 3 Hour Transformation gave our employee the organizational tools to turn her performance around. Years later we still have a happy, loyal and productive employee. The return on the money we gave you was incredible.”

Call me for a no-obligation Discovery Session.

I have more than 30 years of experience working with growing companies. Let’s talk about your current situation and how I can help your business.

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