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The holiday season, from Thanksgiving through to the New Year, is typically a time of year when productivity in the workplace can decrease significantly. It’s not that people are lazy, or not committed, it’s just that most people have other things on their mind and they also have upcoming family obligations.

Here are some interesting statistics.

* Employee activity levels in North America dropped by up to 52% during the holiday season

* 69% of people in a study reported holiday stress associated with a “lack of time”

* 45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas all together

* 20% of the population experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter months

Here are some ideas for business owners, managers, or company executives to think about as we wrap up 2017.

1) Have a team meeting to discuss time off and schedules. If someone is going to be out, who will cover for them? Is anyone on your team taking extended time off? Planning ahead and knowing who on your staff will be off, and when, will help you and others at your business plan ahead more effectively.

2) Holiday parties often get a bad rap, but they play an important role in boosting employee morale. 9 out of 10 people surveyed said they were “disappointed” when no office party was planned over the holiday season. 9 out of 10 also said office holiday parties were “important to team building.”

3) Consider offering flex-time during the holiday season. Every business is different, so think about a flex-time solution that might work for your business. Flex-time often boosts employee morale, while still getting the job done.

4) Scale back your project list (if possible). Sometimes scaling back projects or pushing out delivery dates can reduce the pressure associated with falling behind or disappointing a client. People (your clients) realize the holiday season is a challenging time of the year. It’s better to be realistic than trying to do too much and finishing nothing.

5) Prioritize. Work with your team to prioritize projects, tasks, and key business operations. Again, you might not have your normal staff as some take time off for the holidays. With this in mind it’s more important than ever to make sure everyone is on the “same page,” priorities are properly set, and everyone knows what they are. Create a priority list (poster) if necessary and post it in a public area.

6) Think twice about launching new projects or corporate initiatives in November and December. It may be better to push them into January when the holiday mindset is behind everyone and the new year and “fresh start” mentality is now here.

7) Stay organized. Being disorganized is stressful, but add on the holiday season… and it’s even worse!

8) Don’t forget to take time off yourself! Take advantage of a somewhat slower time of the year to take time off for #1 – YOU.

Enjoy the holidays:

Chanukah, December 12th – 20th.
Kwanzaa, December 16th – January 1st
Christmas, December 25
New Year’s Day – January 1

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