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Too often people think their homes should look like what they see in magazine pictures.

Keep in mind that these are staged photos and shot by professional photographers. Most homes don’t look like what you see and probably never will. Setting that expectation on yourself can lead to stress and frustration.

When people ask me if my home is super organized, my response is “My home is organized for practicality.”

The key is to have the organizing products or furniture compatible with YOUR life style. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and has different lifestyle needs.

This month I want to share ways I have organized some areas in my home.

Entry Way Closet

To hang jackets & coats with shelves for grab & go items.

Family Room

Small table with shelves for reading materials, tv clickers, note pads & pens/pencils.
Shelves for photo albums & books.
Cabinets for items that we use in that room.
Game table.


Similar items stored together.
Other food by category.
Alphabetized spices.
Drawers & cabinets with kitchen supplies organized by category. Appliances on counter top.


Organizers for small items used often.
Vanity / drawers & cabinet.

Hall Linen Closet

Shallow shelves.
Roll bath towels.
Fold towels to maximize use of space.
Infrequently used items in labeled storage box.

Bedroom Closets

Built in shelves.
2 level hanging space.

Dressing Room

Cosmetic organizers.
Hair dryer and hair supplies on dressing table.
Drawers for less frequently used items.
Lingerie chest.

Home Office

Do you have a home office? Many people do these days, including myself! Here are 5 tips to better organize your home office.

List tasks that you perform in your home office.
Determine where you will store supplies.
Decide what furniture, equipment, and technology you need.
Be sure that electric and lighting are adequate.
Organize your desk and work area so that the things you use MOST OFTEN are easily accessible.

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Best wishes,
Nancy Black
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