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Summer is only 20 days away and I think we’re all thinking about warmer days, maybe hitting the beach, and spending more time outdoors.

Crane Beach in Ipswich is one of my favorite summer hangouts!

Getting organized and removing the clutter from your life, home, and even your mind will help you enjoy the summer more! Getting organized will make you feel better, free up your schedule, and feel less stressed or anxious.

Sometimes professional help is the best way to make a long lasting change!

I’m here to help if you’re ready! In only 180 minutes, I call it a Three Hour Transformation, we can turn your piles into files, begin the decluttering process, and help you get organized and feel less stressed. Call me at (978) 922-6136.

Do they work? They sure do:

“Your organizing systems and selection of organizing products to suit our needs has transformed our home from chaos to calm. Working with us to identify where our time goes has been invaluable in scheduling work and personal activities that relate to our values.” – Professional Couple / Business Owner & Office Executive

I have a no obligation FREE DISCOVERY session available through June for anyone thinking a little help wouldn’t hurt! SEE BELOW.

Here are some of my favorite summer organizing tips!


Have the kids keep their bicycle helmets on the handlebars so they don’t have to look for them and they are ready-to-use. Organize bicycles in the garage – they shouldn’t just be dumped on the front lawn.

Summer Chores for the Kids

Create a Summer Chores list for the kids. They’re off from school and they can help out around the house. Chores MUST be completed before they start their day of activities! This will help you keep your house organized and simultaneously teaches kids good skills they can use their entire lives!

For a Trip to the Beach

Have a bag pre-packed with beach towels, sun screen, wet-wipes, tissues, and a first aid kit. Keep beach chairs, toys, etc., all together in one section of your garage. Delegate! Have the kids pack their pails and shovels, beach balls, etc. in a beach carry all that is light and easy for them to carry and allows the sand and water to drain off of toys.

Are You Traveling by Car

Again, delegate! Have the kids pack their own activity bag. Even a two year old can choose their toys or books. iPads entertain kids of all ages. Packing snacks and drinks will save you a lot of money and it’s far more convenient. Be sure that the kid’s electronic toys are charged, and you have the appropriate charging devices for each in your vehicle.

No Cost or Low Cost Activities 

  • Bicycling [LINK]
  • Day Hikes [LINK]
  • Local Parks [LINK]
  • Local Playgrounds
  • Fishing [LINK] (you probably need a fishing license!)
  • Outdoor Concerts (check your local newspaper or their website)
  • Play Dates with Friends

For Escape Weekends

Have a travel kit ready to go with toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, aspirin, bug bite spay, sun-burn spray (hopefully, you won’t need it), and other cosmetic items that you use.

Carry prescriptions and extra eyeglasses with you. Never pack prescriptions in luggage that you are checking.

Check out the Internet for last minute travel bargains and information on places to stay and things to do. Groupon sometimes has good prices on summer getaways!

In words from the song “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess — “Summertime when the living is easy…” Make your summer time living easy by getting organized so that you can do what you REALLY want to do.

If you struggle with clutter, need help organizing your papers, find yourself with the Terrible Too’s (too much to do, too little time), I can help. Maybe it’s time for a “Three Hour Transformation” to help you get moving in the right direction? I can get you organized and heading in the right direction in only three hours.

Take advantage of my free DISCOVERY session. We’ll talk about your current situation and how I may be able to help you.

Request yours at this link or call me at (978) 922-6136.

(978) 922-6136