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cole-landscaping-01Cole Landscaping & Irrigation contacted me about helping their employees with workspace management and time management. After an open group discussion I then worked with employees individually. Everyone is happy and everyone is more productive at work!

Here’s what the owners had to say:

“Cole Landscaping & Irrigation has been a client of Nancy Black (Organization Plus) for a few years. Nancy is pleasant to work with and a true professional and pioneer in the field of Professional Organizing. Our company moved from one location to a new space in Ipswich. Since our business was founded in 1991, we had accumulated years’ worth of papers, files and office furniture and equipment. Organizing desks and work spaces for better workflow and creating systems that worked well with our business was a big task that was made much easier with Nancy’s guidance. The best part of working with Organization Plus is that she customizes her solutions to adapt to the needs of our business. We thank Nancy for her help and highly recommend her services to a business who needs help transforming their work space.”

Greg & Barbara Cole
Cole Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.

If you need help at your business give me a call at (978) 922-6136 or use the online contact form at this link.

Nancy Black
Organization Plus
(978) 922-6136